We create and train an army of experienced promoters.
Thousands of users will promote, test or discuss your product.
Join and fight or take command of the army!
.....................for our participants
Uniting, we get more opportunities. We do not waste time, we together defend our interests, pool resources and do much more than one by one. Our ideal is a beehive - as an example of the highest organization of labor in Nature! Join now!
Advantages for our participants
High Quality
We carefully study the projects and select the most interesting ones. You no longer need to waste time searching and studying.
A unique experience
We offer our participants equal terms of participation using the latest marketing innovations (for example, referral airdrops).
Single account and referral link
When registering in the system, you get a single referral number that you can use in all the bounty, referral programs and airdrops.
Individual approach
You can apply to our support line, we will consult and help you to solve all your problems!
Now all your airdrops and bounty in one place
We track the status of campaigns, the operation of bots and referral links.
Better conditions!
You can earn significantly more when selling tokens. We can implement tokens of a large pool of participants and distribute funds between them.
We are absolutely transparent. You see the total amount of tokens of all participants on a single address. You see all your tokens on your account in the office. At any time you can withdraw tokens or money received from their sale.
Quick income!
We can sell tokens before the withdrawal to the exchange of a large investor with one pool distributing the reward between the participants.
How it works
Register in our telegram group
Get your referral link
Log in to your account
You can fill out information about yourself. Any new additional information will open a new opportunities for you: facebook, twitter bounty, bitcointalk promotion and a lot of other profitable activities.
Fill in your profile, improve your abilities and earn additional money!
Be sure to add your email and ETH address!
Develop yourself!
We offer excellent conditions for personal development: start with simple tasks, learn new things, practice and develop your skills!
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for our client.............................
Working with a large audience requires special care. A small mistake - and instead of thousands of fans you can get thousands of non-volunteers. Do not give the fate of your project to a blind case - work with professionals!
We can structure your advertising campaign, highlight simple tasks and ensure their execution by tens of thousands of people. You do not have to solve a lot of technical issues. You do not need to go deep into the management of this entire army of people. From the description of the task to the payment of rewards - all this we take on ourselves.
You do not need to be afraid of an all-out sale of tokens at bargain prices at the start of exchange trades. We coordinate sales in order to obtain the maximum price.
Average cost of a promo campaign
95 866
Number of our members
14 days
Average duration of the promo campaign
We would like to thank you for your developing a bot that helped us to manage an AirDrop for our community and for its support.
Again, thank you for your work.
Best regards,
Eugene, Lead Community Manager of Sudangm
Thank you very much for helping us with the Airdrop.
Anton Atsekhovsky, Worldwifi
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